Protecting St. Louis Artificial Lawns in the Winter

Winter Lawn Care TipsThe days of warm sun and pleasant weather may seem like a faint memory as you pack up your barbecue grill and get ready to bunk down for the winter, but at least your lawn is still green! As the blades of your artificial grass get slightly colder and crisper, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your investment through the rough winter months.
Luckily, owners of artificial grass in St. Louis won’t have to worry about harsh winter conditions damaging their lawns. Unlike natural grass, it does not die in extreme temperatures, and it keeps its vibrant green color in even the coldest weather, maintaining its shape and draining water quickly to avoid becoming a muddy mess. However, it will still require some care before winter hits in full force.
Here are some problems you may face and ways you can protect against them.

Snow and Ice

Be vigilant about drops in temperature, especially if there’s snow in the forecast. Trampled snow that becomes impacted can freeze into ice, causing falls or other accidents. Be sure to remove any snow that has been packed down by hand so that you can gently remove ice from frozen turf fibers and protect the material.

Powder Snow

Don’t worry about brushing off powdered snow because it can just melt naturally into the drainage system. Use salt sparingly, as it can clog the system and leave a residue that will be difficult for future snow to melt through.

Double Check the Drainage System

Winter often brings with it heavy downpours that can cause natural lawns to turn into swamps. As long as your synthetic grass was installed correctly and has the proper draining capabilities, these storms won’t be a problem, however. Be proactive when it comes to your lawn and check the system periodically to make sure it is draining at an efficient rate.

Preventative Care is Better Than a Cure

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow for the winter, such as St. Louis, then it’s better to be prepared and take early measures than to wait it out and hope for the best. If you want to be absolutely sure that your lawn looks pristine in the spring, invest in a waterproof tarpaulin ground cover to lie on your lawn. Better to be safe than to be sorry!
Even though synthetic turf does not die or wilt in cold temperatures, it will require some protection to keep it prepared for spring. Remember, SYNLawn artificial grass is the best in the business with a top-of-the-line drainage system engineered to withstand harsh weather. Installing an artificial lawn is a perfect way to ensure that you have a green and pristine lawn in the spring, so call today to schedule your FREE consultation!