Tee Line Turf

Artificial Grass Golf Tee Lines in St. Louis

Golf enthusiasts in St. Louis can perfect their driving technique with our synthetic turf tee lines.

Sometimes there is nothing quite like practicing your long drive to relax after a long day of work or during a day off. Golf is one of America’s favorite pastimes and so it is no surprise that enthusiasts want to practice their skills at every opportunity using the best tools available. To this end, SYNLawn St. Louis offers high-quality tee lines for the serious golfer. From specialized driving ranges and commercial golf facilities to the most upscale country clubs, golf courses of every sort can benefit from the synthetic turf products from SYNLawn, including our tee-line grass, chipping mats and driving mats.

The dense fibers of our synthetic golf turf are built to withstand swing after swing, enduring years of driving practice comparable to a commercial driving range. Best of all, our tee lines don’t sacrifice performance for that durability! SYNLawn Tee Strike is made from 100 percent nylon fibers that mimic the look and feel of natural grass, allowing for complete, full swings without having to worry about the turf “grabbing” your club. Our SYNLawn Tee Strike supports standard golf tees thanks to the dense, texturized nylon fibers, providing superior forgiveness and incredible durability.

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Artificial Grass Golf Tee Line

Other benefits of our tee lines include:

  • No smudging
  • Reduced replacement and maintenance costs
  • 4-year commercial warranty / 10-year residential warranty
  • BioCel™ backing system and EnvironLoc™ technology
  • Performs just like natural turf with real benefits
  • No more “grabbing” the club or “skipping”

Our artificial grass tee lines can withstand heavy use, lasting for years to come and providing players with a realistic golf experience. SYNLawn Tee Strike is the ideal choice for golf instruction facilities and country clubs as well as private and public golf courses – even residential chipping locations! If you want to provide the absolute best experience for golf enthusiasts at your facility, then call SYNLawn St. Louis at (636) 231-5844 or contact us online today for a FREE consultation!