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Artificial Grass Lawns

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Environmentally Friendly Artificial Grass Lawns

At SYNLawn St. Louis, our artificial grass lawns are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional grass and other landscaping surfaces. This fact is primarily due to the differences in maintenance between synthetic grass and traditional grass. To attain an aesthetically pleasing conventional grass lawn, it requires gallons upon gallons of water, gas-powered lawn trimming equipment, and chemicals. These requirements can cause unintended damage to St. Louis’ water supply, the atmosphere, and the soil beneath traditional grass. 

Fortunately, our artificial grass lawns do not require this same type of maintenance. This helps home and business owners who install synthetic turf to have a better impact on the environment. Our artificial grass products are also manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Dalton, Georgia, following all environmental regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   

Applications for Artificial Grass Lawns in St. Louis, MO

For St. Louis residents, our artificial grass products make stunning lawns that are ideal for installation on a variety of properties, including:

Dock area with artificial grass

Benefits of Owning an Artificial Grass Lawn

For homes and businesses across St. Louis, Missouri, there are multiple benefits of switching to a synthetic grass lawn from us at SYNLawn St. Louis. However, the three most significant benefits of artificial grass include a lack of maintenance, consistent beauty, and durability.

Artificial Grass Front Yard

Low Maintenance

Traditional grass lawns almost always demand an abundance of maintenance. They need to be watered regularly, trimmed with a lawn mower at least once a week, treated with chemicals often, and de-weeded more than any St. Louis homeowner or business owner cares for. 

Thankfully, with our synthetic turf, your lawn will never require this high level of maintenance again! Our artificial grass lawns do not need to be watered, trimmed with a mower, treated with chemicals, or de-weeded, allowing home and business owners to save time and money on lawn maintenance and focus on other things. 

Commercial artificial grass lawn

Year-Round Beauty

Another benefit of owning an artificial grass lawn over a traditional grass lawn is the year-round beauty artificial turf can provide. The changing seasons in St. Louis are often unkind to traditional grass, typically causing it to, at one point, become covered with snow and die off. For many properties, this means that there will be times of the year when their lawn is not very visually appealing. 

But, with our synthetic grass, home and business owners in St. Louis can own a lawn that is consistently beautiful – all year round! Our artificial turf lawns resist fading and never grow or die off, allowing them to look perfectly lush and green throughout their long lifespan.   

Artificial Grass backyard with pool area


Exceptional beauty and a lack of maintenance are impressive benefits when it comes to artificial grass lawns. Yet, these benefits would not exist without the enhanced durability we instill in our synthetic turf products. At SYNLawn St. Louis, our artificial grass is designed and manufactured to be durable in order to resist weathering factors like foot traffic, fading, and lawn games and activities. As a result, our synthetic turf can provide St. Louis home and business owners with dependable lawns that always look and feel their best. 

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Artificial grass from SYNLawn St. Louis provides homes, businesses, and other types of properties in St. Louis, Missouri with beautifully green lawns. Our synthetic grass lawns are ideal because they always look inviting, require little upkeep, and withstand multiple types of wear and tear. They are also exceptionally eco-friendly! So contact us today to learn or receive a quote from a leading artificial grass installer in St. Louis, MO!  



SKU: SPEED | Total Weight: 60 oz | Warranty:15 years

Designed with athletes in mind, SpeedTurf™ by SYNLawn is a non-infill, low-friction turf with a foam backing pad that absorbs energy reducing the impact on the body.


SKU: TRACK | Total Weight: 60 oz | Warranty:15 years

Designed for durability and safety, TrackTurf™ by SYNLawn is a non-infill turf with an energy-absorbing backing pad that reduces the risk of injury to athletes during training.

SYNPlay 48 (no pad)

SKU: TXT48 | Total Weight: 48 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNPlay 48 (no pad)

Ideal for activity and agility zones due to its construction using low-pile, low-friction grass blades. With several colors to choose from this turf adds a burst of colorful fun to any space. Available in 8 in-stock colors with custom colors also available.

SYNPlay 48 (with pad)

SKU: TXT48P | Total Weight: 48 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*
SYNPlay 48 (with pad)

Ideal for activity and agility zones due to its construction using low-pile, low-friction grass blades. With several colors to choose from, this turf adds a burst of colorful fun to any space. Available in 7 in-stock colors with custom colors also available.

SYNPlay 60 Series

SKU: SPG60 | Total Weight: 116 oz. | Warranty:9 years
SYNPlay 60 Series

This artificial grass is ideal for playgrounds, activity, and agility zones due to its low-friction grass blades combined with an energy-absorbing backing pad, which helps reduce the risk of typical playtime, exercise, and training injuries. Available in 7 in-stock colors and custom colors.


SKU: SYNMOD | Total Weight: 65 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*

This modular turf system is designed for multi-use facility and sports applications such as Crossfit™, indoor soccer, Lacrosse, and more. Combined with closed-cell shock pad technology and a hook-and-loop fastener system, this portable turf system can easily be used over and over.


SKU: SYNSP | Total Weight: 58 oz | Warranty:Limited lifetime warranty*

Engineered for golf fairways and multi-sport, this economical turf is a great fit for large applications where quality and value are significant factors. SYNSport can be used both indoors or outdoors; this a perfect grass variety for those expecting realism and high-performance results within a budget.