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How to Choose Artificial Grass in Springfield, MO

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The artificial grass market has exploded within the past couple of decades, and the options are more realistic than ever! The ads for synthetic grass landscaping are appealing to you as a homeowner in Springfield, MO because—let’s be real—it’s a hassle to deal with taking care of your lawn. Plus, during the summer, it can be downright uncomfortable to keep up with lawn maintenance in hot, humid conditions.

Getting Started with Turf Selection:

If you’re like most homeowners new to artificial grass landscape options, the biggest question you have is where to even start? The answer is simple. First, request your free design consultation with an artificial turf expert. Look for a brand that is trusted nationwide and has an excellent warranty program. SYNLawn has the industry’s longest warranty offer for up to 15 years on select products. Buyers beware, though, since some installers of other brands are not authorized to provide you with the manufacturer’s warranty.

During your free consultation, it’s best to be prepared to ask your sales representative questions. If you don’t get the answers to your questions, you may be left just as confused after they leave than before the consultation started! Here are some helpful questions to get the conversation rolling:

How long has your location been installing the brand’s products?

Experience is everything. The longer the company has been installing the brand’s products, the better. The contractors at SYNLawn St. Louis have seen the evolution of the products and will be able to share comparison between product lines.

Tell me more about how the backing is created and how it performs?

The key is to ask about turf’s draining capabilities. Backings that are too tightly woven will often have standing water on the surface that can cause unsafe conditions in sports or playground applications. Also, it makes a difference how the turf fibers adhere to the backing. Those that are woven throughout will have a stronger bond and will be less likely to show wear in applications with expected heavy foot traffic.

Which artificial turf option best represents Bermuda, Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Zoysia, etc.?

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If you prefer any type of natural sod, we can help meet your aesthetic needs. After all, you want your artificial landscape grass application to be as realistic as the natural grass found in your community. The goal is to have an artificial lawn that looks, reacts, and feels natural.

Which artificial turf option is recommended for kids and pets?

All artificial turf is much cleaner and more hypoallergenic than traditional sod, which makes it a great option for backyard surfaces where your little ones and pets play. You want to make sure that the grass will be able to withstand the types of activities common with your kids and dogs. Plus, some artificial turf companies use infill to help the grass blades stay upright for a full appearance. There are even infill options available that can help fight against pet odors! But if you decide to use turf infill around your little ones or pets, whichever one you pick needs to be safe for them to be around.

There are plenty more questions you can ask about artificial turf. These can help get the conversation started with your local artificial turf company. If you happen to live in or near the Springfield, MO area, we’d love to continue this conversation with you! Schedule your free in-home design consultation with our experts today!