Artificial Pet Grass in St. Louis

What gift would make the biggest difference to your pet’s happiness? A new toy? A tasty treat? How about an upgrade to their outdoor play area? Artificial pet turf is the perfect surface for pets to play on. Safe, durable, and green all year round, artificial dog turf can stand up to rough treatment from boisterous pets. It’s the pet gift that keeps on giving.

No More Muddy Paw Prints

For pet owners in St. Louis, one of the biggest benefits of artificial dog grass is that it eliminates the problem of muddy paw prints. Whereas dogs who play on natural grass often end up covered in mud, pups that have access to artificial pet grass can run and play in all weather conditions without getting dirty. That means no more muddy paw prints in your home, providing a more sanitary environment for the whole family.

Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn

Both pets and people appreciate expansive green lawns. However, keeping your lawn looking pristine all year round can be tough. Drought can cause natural grass to wither and die, while heavy rain turns beautiful lawns into boggy mud baths. When you replace your weather-beaten St. Louis lawn with artificial grass, you can ensure it continues looking good even during periods of inclement weather. Come rain or shine, it’s the perfect location for family photos, pets included.

Lawns That Last

In St. Louis, artificial grass is a lasting investment in the appearance and functionality of your outdoor space. Artificial turf comes with an extensive warranty, which means you can be sure that it will continue looking great after installation. Rather than a treat that is swallowed in an instant, give your pets a gift they can use year after year.