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Artificial Lawn Grass for St. Louis, Missouri Playgrounds

Child playset on artificial playground turf in Missouri

All parents will agree that there is nothing more important than a child’s safety. At SYNLawn®, we understand this deep-rooted concern and, as a result, engineered state-of-the-art artificial playground turf that is as spongy and forgiving as it gets. Parents and caregivers in St. Louis, Missouri love our synthetic playground turf because it provides consistent protection from slip and fall accidents.

SYNLawn®’s research and development team has worked diligently to design synthetic playground grass surfaces that protect youngsters from falls as high as 10-feet in accordance with IPEMA standards and CSA approved fall attenuation. Many typical playground surfaces tend to wear thin over time, resulting in a harder play surface that absorbs less impact over time. However, our innovative artificial playground turf is constructed to provide consistent safety even after years of rough play.

There are several benefits to choosing artificial playground turf instead of natural grass.

Safety: Synthetic turf applications from SYNLawn® are soft and easy on the skin, helping to prevent cuts and bruises.

Non-allergenic: Faux grass eradicates allergies caused by natural grass.

No more messy grass stains: Kids stay cleaner while they have fun together.

Stable in all climates: Regardless of the time of year, padded infill beneath the synthetic top layer ensures that it won’t be displaced, even with adverse weather conditions or heavy foot traffic.

Extremely robust and long-lasting: Our synthetic grass is so durable that we also install it for sports turf and golf putting greens – two uses that must be able to tolerate high impacts.

Superior drainage capabilities: With a rapid drain rate of 30-inches per hour, artificial turf performs great, even after a sudden rainy downpour!

Spring riding horses on artificial playground turf in St. Louis

At SYNLawn®, we try to anticipate your playground surface needs, which is why we supply easily replaceable “TrampleZones.” These will allow you to restore and replace high traffic areas without needing to remove and reinstall the entire playground’s top turf layer.

We remain the largest manufacturer and installer of synthetic turf products, as well as the brand leader in the faux lawn grass industry. If you would like more information about our St. Louis artificial playground grass turf installations, please contact us today!

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